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Dos Pueblos. Reseñas y críticas/Reviews. Portland

This production is supported in part by the Multi-Arts Production (MAP) Fund, a program of Creative Capital supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation; the PGE Foundation; Paul G. Allen Family Foundation; The Celebration Foundation; The Shubert Foundation; Theatre Communications Group; Regional Arts & Culture Council; Oregon Arts Commission; El Hispanic News; El Centinela; Spirit Mountain Community Fund; La Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores de México a través de la Unidad de Asuntos Culturales. The restaurant sponsor for the opening night of this production is La Bonita Restaurant.

Guns, Flags and Coca-Cola
It’s gringos versus chilangos in Dos Pueblos.
By Ben Waterhouse

"...a border crossing conversation between five cosmopolitan Mexicans and five white Portlanders about our overlapping and, often, contentious cultural histories and the historical no-man’s-land—Texas, essentially—that separates us."
Willamette Week on line
Portland, OR, USA
September 17th, 2008

Left to right: Carlos Cruz, Alejandro Benítez, Faith Helma, Avelina Correa and Alam Sarmiento

Theater: 'Dos Pueblos' explores the borderland between Mexico and the U.S.

by Richard Wattenberg/Special to The Oregonian

Monday September 22, 2008, 1:07 PM

Stage Review: Dos Pueblos

September 24th 2008 11:51am

Willamette Week on line
Portland, OR, USA

BY: Matt Graham

Left to right: (Back) Avelina Correa, Carlos Cruz, Alejandro Benítez. (Front) Julie Hammond, Faith Helma, Erin Leddy and Jerry Tischleder

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Splashy collaboration serves as cultural summit.
Music and humor power thoughtful 'Dos pueblos'
By Eric Bartels
September 22, 2008

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